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Medical Record-Analyse


We treat all general diseases of the internal organs.
We pay special attention to diseases of the vascular system (arteries and veins) and its consequences on the internal organs (heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, gastrointestinal tract).

Special examination and treatment procedures can be found here:

Herzkrankheiten Patienten

Heart Diseases

  • left and right heart catheterisation

  • Dilatation of tightened heart vessels including

  • Drug eluting balloon,

  • Implantation ofbare metal and drug eluting stents

  • Drug dependent lysis of blood clots

  • Cutting ballon = special balloon with blades for heavy calcified vessels

  • Dilatation of heart vessels under circulatory support

  • Vessel closure systems to reduce bandage bound bedrest after cardiac catheterisation

  • Ballon dilatationof heart valves (valvuloplasty): aortic valve, mitral valve, tricuspid valve, pulmonary valve

  • Catheter based therapy ofinherited malformations of the heart: “holes” in the heart´s main and pre chamber, occlusion of the Botalli duct, short circuits between coronary and other blood vessels or between arteries and veins of other regions of the body (i.e. the lungs) (also in cooperation with another centre)

  • catheter based pharmacomechanical thrombolytic therapy of pulmonary embolism

  • Dilatation of stenoses of the body´s main artery (aorta) or the lung artery

  • Percutaneous, catheter based heart valve replacement without operation (mitral and aortic valve) (in cooperation with another centre)

  • Implantation of all kinds of cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators, also left heart resynchronisation pacemakers

  • TASH (alcohol based ablation of an muscle bump in a special inherited cardiac muscle disease, i.e. the hypertrophic-obstructiver cardiomyopathy)

Blutgefässkrankheiten Patienten

Diseases of the

blood vessels

  • Digital subtraction angiography (DSA) and intra-arterial angiography

  • Dilatation ofpelvic and limb arteries including

    • Recanalisation of acute and chronic total occluded arteries (CTO)

    • Stent implantation, also drug eluting stents

    • Catheter based implantation of vessel endoprostheses (covered stents)

    • Rotational atherectomy (vessel drill)

    • Selective Drug dependent dissolution of blood clots

    • Dilatation/stent implantation/recanalisation of lower leg arteries, especially in critical limb ischemia with ulceration

    • Removal of blood clots

  • Dilatation/stent implantation of stenoses of the main body artery (aorta)

  • Recanalisation/PTA/stenting in Leriché`s Syndrome (total occlusion of the aorta and the pelvic/iliac arteries)

  • Dilatation/stenting of kidney arteries and other abdominal arteries (arteries of the gut -“angina abdominalis”)

  • Dilatation/stenting of brain supplying arteries with embolic protection devices

    • Subclavian artery stenoses

  • PTA of stenoses of the veins, i.e.

    • obstructed pelvic veins in cancer disease

    • May – Thurner-Syndrome (rare disease)

    • Thrombotic occlusion of pelvic veins

  • Implantation of temporary or permanent vena cava filters

  • Catheter based thrombolysis of venous occlusions

  • catheter based pharmacomechanical thrombolytic therapy of pulmonary embolism

  • Unnatural widening of the body’s main artery (the aorta) with risk of rupture

    • Percutaneous implantation of endoprostheses (also in collaboration with another centre)

  • Arterio-venous fistulae (short circuits between arteries and veins): Implantations of endoprostheses, embolisation

  • Aneurysms: fatal widening of blood vesselsàimplantation of endoprostheses (covered stents)

    • Selective thrombin injection in aneurysma spurium

Patienten Nicht invasice und semiinvasive Leistungen

Additional non invasive and semi invasive procedures

  • Lab tests: blood lipid and sugar metabolism test, kidney-, liver- and bone function tests (e. g. osteoporosis), clotting test, blood gases

  • X-ray of the lungs, the heart and the bones

  • CT-scan of the scull, brain, chest, abdomen and blood vessels

  • MRT-scan of inner organs, MR-angiography, cardiac MRT-scan

  • Resting, holter- and exercise-ECG

  • Transthoracic and transesophageal echocardiogram

  • Colour duplex ultrasound of arteries and veins

  • Ultrasound examination of the abdomen

  • Pacemaker clinic

  • Heart and circulation function test as prophylactic measure for sportsmen, e.g. medical diving assessments etc.

  • Other special investigations

Arzt und Patient

Services for self-payers:

After the arrangement of a scheduled personal appointment we offer outpatient consultation services. In that past a detailed conversation and a thorough physical examination we provide the following as both relevant and also prophylactic investigation: 

Leistungen Selbstzahler
Test Stoffwechseluntersuchungen

Metabolic studies

Function of the sugar metabolism

Function of fat metabolism

Clotting tests and blood gas tests

Function of the

Kidney, liver and

Bone metabolism

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